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PRF Insurance – What is it?

PRF insurance protects grazing and haying operations against the decline in expected precipitation. Expected precipitation is determined by averaging long-term historical weather data collected by NOAA.

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How Does it Work?

  • Producers decide when coverage occurs by selecting two-month intervals.

  • The producer then chooses how much coverage to place on each insured interval.

  • Producers choose a coverage level.
    Each coverage level has a corresponding subsidy level

  • When is the enrollment period? The PRF enrollment deadline is November 15th for the upcoming January-December coverage period.

  • Historical rainfall data is converted into 100-value scale
  • Actual rainfall amounts are totaled at the end of each 2-month interval
  • Indemnity is calculated if actual rainfall amount is less than the selected coverage level
PRF Insurance Interval Guide

Interval Guidelines:

  • Must total 100%
  • Minimum of two intervals must be selected
  • No overlapping intervals (ex: Jan-Feb, Feb-Mar)
  • Maximum Percent of Value allowed (state specific)
  • Minimum Percent of Value allowed (10%)

XYZ Ranch selects the 90% coverage level and insures the April-May interval. Actual precipitation for April-May totals 80% of expected rainfall. XYZ Ranch will receive an indemnity for the 10% shortage.

PRF Insurance Final Results

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